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While we admire the girls that can wear shoes with height day in and out, we are also big proponents of incorporating bridal flats into your wedding wardrobe. From mules to slides or loafers to ballet flats….there is no shortage of chic wedding flats in fashion right now. A pair of bridal flats can also be a great option to have on hand for when your feet start barking from wearing higher shoes. We see many brides bring a pair just in case, especially if they know they will be on the dance floor for most of the night. A pair of flats doesn’t have to be a “just in case of emergency” option…we love flats worn with full skirts and cropped pants, and depending on the pair, are fabulous for a dressy or more casual occasion. Need help figuring out if bridal flats are the right shoe for your outfit or event? Shoot us an email at for style advice.


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