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We have all seen the ‘bridal robes’ Instagram…and we love it! A very special part of the wedding experience is getting prepped to walk down the aisle with your bridal party and family by your side. Some brides like to gift their bridesmaids with day of PJs or Bridal Party Robes to be worn as the group gets ready. Beyond the photo op, many bridesmaids find this as a very kind gesture and continue to wear their gift for years to come. While robes are usually quite a personal choice (you can admit it if you are a full length fuzzy person), bridal robes can lean more towards playful or elegant. If you are more of a PJ girl, we have you covered as well! Same logic applies, bridal PJs can veer more stylish than the gingham you go to bed in most night….and no one said comfort had to be sacrificed for style. We know you will find the perfect bridal robes or PJs for you and your party here.


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