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Are you just starting the journey to finding the perfect dresses for a bride for your pre-wedding events? Perhaps you have been going from site to site on your own for a while. On Russell Street curates the best of the best bridal dresses for you to wear at your pre-wedding events to save you time and guarantee you looking and feeling your best with friends and family surrounding you. We know that many brides adopt a neutral wardrobe as she begins the journey towards the aisle, which can include shopping for items that she’s not used to looking for in the past. Makes sense – dresses for a bride are not something most of us are doing all that often. Let us help you! Not only will we save you time from hopping from site to site, we will expose you to retailers carrying new styles of dresses for brides you are looking for, but might not be used to shopping with in the past. It’s a win-win, you’ll find what you are looking for in half the time. Continue to check back as we are always adding bridal dresses that will fit your needs for your pre-wedding events.


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