Bridal Tips for Wedding Stress

Yes, Wedding Stress is Real. Here’s how to deal with it.

It’s no secret that as many brides near towards W-day, that wedding stress begins to creep in. Even if you are the most type-A person out there and had every detail planned out months ago, there’s something about nearing the actual event that just causes anxiety before the wedding.


In the beginning of your engagement it felt like a dream. You were basking in the glow of it all, exchanging stories on how they proposed with friends and reading up on wedding tips for brides. Now, if your wedding planning stress has really gotten bad, you might not even recognize that girl! So what do you do? You recognize your wedding stress and start making another game plan – how to take care of you!

Wedding Planning Notes

Assess the source of your wedding planning stress


Take a step back and ask yourself some questions. Is there a specific part of the wedding bothering you, or can you not put your finger on it? Before you got engaged, what was your routine? Maybe you are experiencing a certain dread of all eyes on you? After you ask yourself these questions and recognize where some of your wedding planning stress is coming from, you can take the proactive steps of approaching your wedding with the same exuberance you did from the beginning.


If you can pinpoint where your wedding stress is coming from, this is an opportunity to talk with your partner and figure out how to tackle it together. Maybe you realized you want to change your service or the seating chart is not right…talking this through with the person you are about to spend the rest of your life with could help brainstorm solutions.




If you are landing more into the “can’t put your finger on it” camp, the next question is really important. Pre-engaged life, did you incorporate something into your routine you have been foregoing? Maybe you read, you prioritized getting enough sleep, or maybe you let yourself have chocolate. Are you still doing this? Your anxiety before wedding could simply be being caused because you have stopped taking care of yourself and only taken care of wedding details.


This is a great opportunity to light a candle an reflect on your priorities. If meditating is your thing, carve out some time for you and get back to your pre-engaged priorities.

Relax while Wedding Planning

Stress about being the center of attention


Another wedding stress that sometimes gets swept under the rug is that some ladies are really just not ready for “all eyes on the bride”. This is COMPLETELY normal. Many of us are not used to being the center of attention, in fact, might try to avoid it. Here’s what you have to remind yourself….you are about to be surrounded by the people who love you the most and want nothing more than your happiness. There isn’t a detail that could potentially go awry that will take away from those feelings. When you allow yourself to think of it this way, it can ease some of the anxiety you might be experiencing.


Another healthy way to combat the anxieties of wedding stress is be active! Getting enough exercise is always crucial, but while you are under additional pressure, it’s of even of greater importance. Whether you prefer to run, bike, yoga or box, working this into your routine will help you feel more balanced and relaxed as you walk into your wedding events.


Lastly, if you realize that having all eyes on you is creating some inner stress, we think finding attire that you feel comfortable in can really be key. Since you’re the bride, you get to set the dress code!  If the idea of being fancy and in heels all day is absolutely not you, don’t let that be what you wear because you see that in magazines. Picking styles that are true to you will help you feel at ease as everyone celebrates this special time with you and your partner.

Wedding Wardrobe

Have other tips or tricks that have helped you managed your wedding planning stress? Please share and help other brides walk towards the aisle with a bit more ease.


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