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The Clock is Ticking – Wedding Tips to help the Time Poor Bride

Some people are born to party plan, but for most of us, wedding planning doesn’t come naturally…which is why we have jotted down a few wedding tips to share. Like many modern brides, you are working full time and taking part in social and community events, all while planning your wedding. Also like many other brides, you might feel like there’s never enough time to complete what needs to done before the big day. It’s not unusual to feel time poor at any stage of life, but during your engagement it takes on a whole new meaning. What many brides neglect to do is lean on their support system in ways that will not only help accomplish all your tasks, but also lean into their strengths that will ultimately make them feel good about what they have helped achieve.


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What do you know about your wedding?

Like we said, some people are naturally great at organizing and seeing an event’s potential even while it is still in its infancy. This doesn’t mean you have to possess this skill to have a great wedding, however, what do you know about your wedding? Is there a specific location you have always dreamed up? Perhaps navy and blush are your wedding colors and there’s no budging on that. Maybe you’ve always known exactly what kind of cake you want. Whatever it is that is 100% settled, write it down! Now do this exercise in reverse – what are the absolute no’s for your wedding. This wedding planning tool helps you begin to envision your big day and start understanding where you do and don’t need help.


What’s your wedding timeline?

Even if you have all the time in the world, it will most likely never feel like enough 🙂 However, once you have a wedding date, realistically draft out what tasks need to happen when in order to be ready for your big day. If you need a little guidance, this wedding check list can help make sure you have all your tasks covered. Depending on your engagement length, this will be what will help determine how much help you might need to pull this off. If you are hoping to turn around a wedding in 6 months or less, delegate bridesmaids or other family members with tasks that resonate with them. If it’s in your budget, maybe also consider working with a planner to help secure vendors and other tasks you might not be able to manage. These wedding tips are not exclusive to short engagements. Those planning longer engagements should also lean on their bridal party – especially if they are fantastic at something that’s not your strength.


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Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses, Likes and Dislikes

It’s not comfortable for any of us to talk about what we aren’t great at, but when time is tight, it’s an important part of planning a wedding. The same goes for recognizing parts of the wedding planning process we might not enjoy. This allows us to admit if it might be better to hand over a task that might be accomplished quicker if someone who specializes in it could do it more efficiently. Take this list and go through with you MOH, mom, fiancé…whomever it might be that’s been your confidant while planning the wedding. Together, you can find solutions to some of the items on your list. For instance, you might have a bridesmaid that excels at social media and mass communication. She would probably would be a great candidate to help come up with a hashtag, and could lead group bridal party emails. Perhaps another bridesmaid is an avid traveler and foodie. Enlist her to help with suggestions for dinner reservations for your bachelorette party. Need help with locking down a bridesmaid dress? There’s always a girl in the group who has a bit of a shopping addiction.


This is a great time to bring up MOH responsibilities. Many brides (at some point during their engagement) realize that they would not be able to make it down the aisle without help, especially from the person who stands right by her side. Discussing the to-do list with her early on will help her gauge where you can rely on her, and where she might like some help too. If she’s up for all tasks where you can’t follow through – that’s awesome! But we can almost guarantee she would be happy to work with the other members of the bridal party to make your pre-wedding events and big day go off without a hitch.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Lastly, and the most important of all the wedding tips, is don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. So many of us can get into our heads about what it means to ask for help or admitting we can’t do it all. While women are mighty, there is one thing we can’t change…and that’s how many minutes there are in a day. Using time wisely and knowing how to play to your team’s strengths is something we learn in our careers, and it’s just as important when applied to wedding planning. Usually your bridal party wants more responsibility than to just show up to the right location at the the right time. Identifying each woman’s strength and spacing out where you need a hand between your bridal party members will make them feel more part of your big day. As long as you give your bridal party sufficient time to complete their duty, everyone enjoys feeling like they contributed to a task bigger than themselves.

Looking for more wedding tips? Check back regularly as we continue to post on wedding topics that get overlooked.


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