Jewelry for you and your maids

It’s hard to not love a great piece of jewelry and when it is one that signifies a special occasion, we can’t help but swoon. As Russell Street was created to give you a one stop shop for everything but THE DRESS, jewelry is a natural next step of curated pieces to help you find a special piece to give as a ‘bridesmaid gift’ or the perfect addition to styling your own attire. We love nothing more than seeing a neutral outfit accessorized with the just right jewels…after all, your canvas can lead to so many creative options!

Lulu Frost Hair Clip: $75, Lulu Frost Studs: $138


Jewelry is a common gift given by the bride to her bridesmaids as a way to say thank you for being part of the big day. It also lends itself to be part of the bridal party look as it can be worn to the wedding. 

Anthropologie Studs: $38, Dean Davidson Drop Earrings: $135


Jewelry can also play a big part of the bride’s look. Whether you are looking for the perfect stud earrings or bracelet that lends itself to special events and everyday wear, Russell Street is searching the web to save you time in finding these needed accessories.

Jennifer Meyer Ring: $175, Noir Drop Earrings: $48


A piece of jewelry always makes a great gift as it is so personal. If you decide to gift it to your bridesmaids and are not making it match for the big day, try gifting each lady a piece special to them. It can even be getting each friend her piece in the metal plating of her preference.

Saskia Diez Turquoise Earrings: $140, Sarah Chloe Initial Necklace: $98


We also love initial jewelry as a way to say thanks for being part of the wedding – doesn’t get more personal than that. Colored stones and gems also lend itself to being unique to each woman in your party.

Isabel Marant Necklace: $120, Wanderlust + Co Ring: $39


We hate to say it, but we are leaving you with the hard part. Tough decisions to make when there are so many great options!

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